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The Elephant's Euphonium: A Little Tusker's Adventures in Africa (Little Global Adventurers Series)

What will happen when the last of the big tuskers disappear? Will our children ever believe that such large elephants ever existed?


Based on the true story of Isilo, one of the largest and most famous tuskers in the world, this fantasy tale is told through the eyes of his imaginary son. Khula is a naughty little elephant who just wants to play music and have fun. But when he grows up, his mother takes him on a journey to find out what happened to his father, the "King of Kings."


Learn about the last of the big tuskers and discover all kinds of information about southern Africa. Beautifully illustrated, the lively, rhyming text introduces Zulu words and is supplemented by maps and by facts about elephant behavior. Award-winning author Bonnie J. Fladung weaves a lovely story that will enchant readers and animal lovers of all ages.


Available on Amazon and Ingram.