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Adventures Near and Afar

I've been anthologized in "Deep Travel: Souvenirs From the Inner Journey"

My short story-poem "Six Scribbles on Birch Bark" is included in the newly released anthology "Deep Travel: Souvenirs From the Inner Journey." Christina and Anna from Deep Travel have led writers from the Himalayan peaks of Nepal to the Saharan sands of Morocco, from the jungles of Mexico to the gitano caves in Spain. My personal experience in Morocco with Deep Travel took me to Meknes and Marrakesh (two of the Imperial Cities of Morocco) and to the Roman ruins of Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site near the sacred city of Moulay Idriss. I experienced Morocco from an insider's perspective: traveling by train, bus, taxi, foot and donkey; the daily adventures to ruins, farms, and wineries; the evening social gatherings with local food and stimulating conversation; meeting poets, photographers, writers, artists and chefs!

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